Potato Peeler

Potato Peeler

We offer a wide range of Potato Peeler Machine, which are designed using modern techniques for easy and efficient peeling of potatoes.

Features :

India's first portable machine in commercial segment.

Easy to Operate

Low Maintenance


Stainless Steel Body (Rust free)

Simple rugged and very compact

Requires no special skills to operate.

Uniformly baked final product.

Robust Construction.

High Capacity.

Versatile and Portable.

Eco friendly, no pollution problems.

Hygienic production.

Energy efficient (Less running cost).

Aesthetically Attractive.

Fully Automatic

Final product with traditional test.

Technical Specifications:

Model : CW-8 Model : CW-15
Peeling Capacity : 50Kg/hrPeeling Capacity : 100Kg per hour
Drum Capacity : 8 Kg/hrDrum Capacity : 15 Kg
Machine Size : 470 x 420 x 750HMachine Size : 520 x 470 x 840H
Power : 0.50 KWPower : 0.75KW
Weight : 40 Kg.Weight : 65 Kg
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